It’s a duo formed by the Italian DJ Shiru and the Japanese singer ERIKO.
Their shows include many music genres such as J-pop, opera music, Italian pop, electronic pieces and also drama. They have performed in several big festivals like the Lucca Comics & Games in Italy, the Atlanta Anime Weekend in the USA and the Comic Fiesta in Malaysia. They have published various music CDs, three of which are available on all major digital stores.

Their career as a duo started in 2012 with the “ERIKO + DJ Shiru LIVE!“ tour. In this tour they had many concerts in several festivals and clubs in Italy, Japan and Switzerland. In Japan they recorded one of their original songs called “Murasaki no Uta” (written by DJ Shiru) with the Japanese traditional ensemble “Za Goninbayashi“. In 2013 the K-ble Jungle had a collaboration with the koto player Miho Yamaji and with the shamisen player Keisho Ono. Many other collaborations with artists, dancers and musicians are to come in the future. A special collaboration has been with the Italian DJs and Producers Slugger Punch, who have rearranged and remixed some K-ble Jungle songs.

In 2018 the Japanese illustrator Shiori, known on the web as Shiori.co, joins the K-ble Jungle as second voice and pencil of the project. Her singing style and drawing skills become an important part of this J-Pop journey.

Their latest original songs include “Charming Girl”, a J-pop style song, and “Midori”, a mix of electronic and opera sounds. “Future” and “Alive”, their original songs, are theme songs of some Italian TV shows. The K-ble Jungle perform not only at comic festivals, but also at some more formal contexts and on special occasions. Their musical style is very varied and ranges from J-pop music to Italian opera, but has turned direction recently, moving towards EDM and dance songs with some rap parts.



DJ Shiru is an Italian DJ who works in many festivals both in Italy and abroad, he has performed at the Japan Anime Live and at the biennale of Venice, as well as at some of the largest manga / cosplay festivals in the world.

ERIKO (Vocal)

ERIKO is a Japanese singer who is active also as a fashion model and TV host. She studied music in Japan, and then graduated in singing at the music school in Italy. Her musical performances range from opera to pop music.


Illustrator in a kawaii manga style, her drawings are often shown on the screen during K-ble Jungle’s songs. Her delicate voice is specially suited to anime songs, of which she sings covers.
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It’s a cultural association whose main headquarters are in Italy. It is also the agency which manages the K-ble Jungle project. The association works with many festivals by bringing Japanese artists as guests and organizing their concerts and art exhibitions.