/Space People Punch Tour/

March 3 USA HONOLULU Hawaii Convention Center (Kawaiicon)

March 24 - 25 Italy PADOVA Fiera di Padova (Be Comics)

April 15 Switzerland BELLINZONA Espocentro (Japan Matsuri)

April 28 - May 1 Italy NAPOLI Mostra d'Oltremare (Comicon)

Summer, Japan...to be announced

/Digital Jungle Tour/

March 18 - 19 Italy PADOVA Prato della Valle (Be Comics)

April 9 Switzerland BELLINZONA Espocentro (Japan Matsuri)

April 22 Germany MUNCHEN Expo (Animuc)

April 28- 30 Italy NAPOLI Mostra d'Oltremare (Comicon)

May 27 - 28 Poland KRAKOW Krakow Expo (Magnificon)

June 3 Italy CATANIA Le Ciminiere (Etna Comics)

July 5 France PARIS Espace B

July 6 France PARIS Parc des Expositions (Japan Expo)

August 10 Japan TOKYO Bar Doctor, Asagaya

August 22 Japan TOKYO Bar?CCO a Shimokitazawa

November 2 Italy LUCCA (Lucca Comics and Games)

/Take it Slow Tour/

March 13Japan TOKYO (Haneda Anime Music Festival) Edo Butai

April 10Switzerland BELLINZONA Espocentro (Japan Matsuri)

April 22Italy NAPOLI Comicon (Mostra d'Oltremare)

May 7 - 8 Germany LUDWIGSHAFEN/RHEIN (HanamiCon)

May 2 - 5 Italy CATANIA Le Ciminiere (Etna Comics)

June 18 - 19 Italy BARI Fiera del Levante  (Wondercon)

August 20 Japan TOKYO Sendagaya with Airly (Ochacaffesta)

October 1 - 2 Spain BARCELONA Museu d'Art Contemporani (B-Anime Film Festival)

November 1 Italy LUCCA (Lucca Comics and Games)

December 17 Malaysia KUALA LUMPUR Expo (Comic Fiesta)

/Back to the West Tour/

January 8 USA NEW YORK CITY Choga Music Restaurant

January 9 USA NEW YORK CITY Smash studio (The Asterplace Party)

January 10 USA PHILADELPHIA Rowan College at Gloucester County NJ (Kotoricon)

February 15 Switzerland LAUSANNE (Japan Impact)

March 29 Japan TOKYO (Haneda Anime Music Festival) TIAT Sky Hall

April 25 Italy CATANIA (Katagames)

April 30 Italy NAPOLI (Comicon)

May 8 Germany MUNCHEN Garage De Luxe Club

May 9 - 10 Germany LUDWIGSHAFEN/RHEIN (HanamiCon)

June 6 - 7 Italy BOLOGNA (NipPop)

June 13 Italy MILANO La Fabbrica del Vapore (Manga Festival)

July 3 France PARIS Parc Des Expositions Wakanim Stage (Japan Expo)

July 3 France PARIS The Klub

July 27 Japan TOKYO Aoyama Ever (Heavy Pop Festival)

August 1 Japan TOKYO Gatsby House (Kabuki de Anikura)

August 10 Japan TOKYO Koenji Reef

August 19 Japan TOKYO Speak Easy (Ochacaffesta Animeclick)

September 26 USA ATLANTA (Anime Weekend Atlanta)

/Colorful Tour/

April 5 - 6 Switzerland BELLINZONA Espocentro (Japan Matsuri)

May 1 - 4 Italy NAPOLI Mostra d'Oltremare (Comicon)

May 17 - 18 France BEAUCHAMP (Mangachamp)

May 24 - 25 Italy MILANO Novegro Parco Esposizioni (Festival del Fumetto)

June 7 - 8 Italy CATANIA Le Ciminiere (Etna Comics)

July 3 France PARIS Kawaii Cafè

July 4 France PARIS Covent Garden Club (Japan Expo Party)

July 23 Japan TOKYO Speak Easy

July 27 Japan NAGOYA ElectricLadyLand with Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome

August 1 Japan TOKYO Kouenji Reef

August 8 Japan TOKYO Backstage Pass with Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome

September 21 Portugal LISBON Comp. Desportivo Casal Vistoso (Asian Culture Party)

October 26 Switzerland ZOFINGEN (Aki no Matsuri)

/ERIKO + DJ Shiru First Tour/

August 4 Japan TOKYO Hell's Bar (Heavy Pop Festival)

August 8 Japan TOKYO Music Bar Lunar

August 10 Japan TOKYO Speak Easy (Ochacaffesta)

August 16 Japan OSAKA Circo Mitalì (Ochacaffesta) with Rumi

November 1 Italy LUCCA (Comics and Games) with Za Goninbayashi

November 9 Portugal LISBON (AmadoraBD)

November 30 Italy MILAN (iComix)

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It’s a cultural association whose main headquarters are in Italy. It is also the agency which manages the K-ble Jungle project. The association works with many festivals by bringing Japanese artists as guests and organizing their concerts and art exhibitions.