K-ble Jungle’s activities include not only live shows. Italian Youtube channels Ochacaffè, ERIKOttero and K-ble Jungle have been officially broadcasting shows produced by the K-ble Jungle since September 2016.
ERIKO and DJ Shiru are the hosts of these shows.

K-ble Jungle Channel

This channel is about KJ’s music. It includes some live shows and the K-ble Jungle’s concerts held in Japan and Europe, with the extra of some promotional videos.
Here you can find anisong or J-Pop cover songs as well as some original tunes.

Ochacaffè Channel

In this channel, the K-ble Jungle visit festivals both in Japan and in Europe, especially in Italy. Among the festivals they visited there have been the Japan Expo in Paris, France, and the biggest festivals in Italy: Lucca Comics & Games, Napoli Comicon, and many more.
In addition, the channel offers a Japanese language course in the show called “Giapponese con ERIKO”. The Director is DJ Shiru, while the role of the teacher is played by ERIKO, who teaches the public the basics of Japanese language. The course is fun and informal but viewers can actually learn simple expressions, conversation, grammar basics and writing in hiragana, katakana and kanji.

ERIKOttero Channel

The K-ble Jungle introduces Japanese culture as well as the most interesting attractions and areas of Tokyo, such as Akihabara and Shibuya, A kawaii and sometimes sexy Eriko talks about topics as different as religion, food, pop culture, J-music, etc., Fashion plays an important part of the attractive show, with Eriko dressed in cosplay or Harajuku style as well as the trendiest fashion, and talking also about make-up and the latest vogues.


DJ Shiru is a guest on a number of radio shows focusing on Japanese music, such as Cosplay on Air on Radio Dimensione Musica and others...

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It’s a cultural association whose main headquarters are in Italy. It is also the agency which manages the K-ble Jungle project. The association works with many festivals by bringing Japanese artists as guests and organizing their concerts and art exhibitions.